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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

So I know that Olympics are almost over and I am a little late in posting this but it could still be done for a couple more weeks.

I have to give credit where it is due as most of the ideas on here came from here (love her site).  I just changed it up a bit to work for our primary. 

To kick off our olympics, the kids passed around the torch as we sang our first song.  Whoever was left holding the torch at the end of the song, was our first athlete.

On the board, I had listed all of the events that the kids could participate in that day.  The first athlete came up to choose their event.


Most of the events I did exactly as the above mentioned link so refer to her site for more in-depth descriptions, as I'm feeling a little lazy (or maybe just tired) tonight. :)

For the High Jump, I had several songs listed on post-it notes.  They were stacked one on top of the other, up the wall.  The athlete chosen for that event jumped as high as they could to grab a note.  That was the next song we sang.

 This was our diving event- Each of the little divers, had a name of a song listed on the back. The first diver to make it into the jar was the song we sang next. 
For the javelin, I did several strips of tape on the floor about 1 ft. above each other.  I wrote different ways/people to sing the song: girls only (boys were aiming for that one), :) boys only, whistle the song, snap the beat of the song, etc). 

For the javelin, we used a straw.  The kids just threw it as far as they could.  Wherever it landed was the way we did the next song.

For Volleyball, we tossed a balloon around as we sang the song. The person that had the "volleyball" when the music stopped was our next athlete. 

Our last event was Basketball.  I had some star baskets in Red, White, and Blue that were perfect for his as we were team USA (wish I would have gotten pics of this).  In the bottom of each basket, I had a song listed.  The athlete would throw a small ball towards the baskets.  Whichever basket they made the shot in, we sang that song.

In the end, our team took the gold (especially Junior).  I really enjoyed preparing this music time as there's such an energy buzzing all around with the Olympics. 

***If you want any of the signs or logos I made, just let me know and I will shoot them your way.


  1. So glad you are back. I've missed all your great ideas this summer.

  2. @ cando37. Thanks. That is very sweet! :)

  3. So I am guessing that each event had different songs so as not to repeat any? I was trying to figure that out while reading the other blog as well.

    1. Yes. I felt bad for the piano player that day because I had a list of so many songs that we "might" sing that day, just depending on what songs the kids selected for each event. On the high jump alone, there were 7 different songs that the kids could jump for. She's great though so she was happy to go along with it.

  4. Will you email me your logos and signs? mrswright79@hotmail.com
    I love your ideas. Thanks!

  5. What a fun idea!!! I would love if you would email me your logos and signs, please. Our little New Zealand athletes are going to LOVE THIS! lindyhanley@gmail.com

  6. Could you please send me the GO FOR THE GOLD pic you used?

  7. Could you please send me the GO FOR THE GOLD pic you used?

  8. Could you also email me signs and logos?

  9. Please email your logos and signs to me. I am substituting and this sounds like a great singing time review!

    Thank you!

  10. I'd love to use your printables for next week if they are still easy to find. Thanks! disneychamp@gmail.com

  11. i love your ideas so great! I would love have your printable. it would help me so much wendylundquist@att.net

  12. I love theses great ideas I would love to have your printables wendylundquist@att.net

  13. The olympics are over but I have been asked to sub on Sunday and this looks so fun! We'll say it's the para olympics. Please send me the print outs. Thanks!