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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Letters from Heaven

I probably should have done this post BEFORE now since it's more Valentine themed and Valentine's is TODAY.  I figure February is a month of Love though so this activity could work all month long.  Right? :)

Typically I use sticks (with the names of all the kiddos written on them) to choose my helpers for the day.  Unfortunately my sticks have been out of date since we had all of the new sunbeams come in, and many kids move up to Sr. primary at the first of the year.  

In the meantime I have just been calling on kids, trying to choose kids I hadn't picked before.  It's so hard to keep track of who I've called on and I could tell a few kids weren't super happy about that fact.  It was stressing me out. I finally tracked down a new roll this week and decided to do something fun for the month of February, instead of going back to the sticks.

I bought a big bag of Hershey's kisses and wrote each one of the kid's names on the bottom.  Tried it out this past Sunday and it worked like a charm.  I picked a kiss out each time I needed a helper.   After that child helped me, I gave them their "kiss".  Once their kiss is gone from the jar, they won't get called on again until every child has had their kiss pulled as well.  That way, everyone will get chosen to be my helper this month.  This will make my life so much easier. I threw a couple blank ones in there as well in case we have visitors.

here's a copy of the label I made (if anyone wants to use it).  I had a different one for Sr. but I cannot find it on my computer anywhere.

For our singing time, I'd seen a really cute letters from Heaven idea here .  While I didn't have a big mailbox to use for the activity, I did have a bunch of smaller mailboxes that our family uses to give each other "Love" notes during the month of February.  I put one letter in each mailbox.  I used my "Super Singers" jar to call the kiddos up to pick a letter.  There was a "love" related song in each of the mailboxes with exception to one.  In one of the notes from heaven, it said "sometimes Heavenly Father wants to bless us just because he loves us".  Instead of singing a song for that letter, I gave them each a little conversation candy heart.

label for the Letters from Heaven if anyone wants it.