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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Choose the Right Match Game

(Click image to enlarge)

 What you need:
-a foam core/poster board- I used foam core board for durability as I plan to use this again.
-4 strips of plastic vinyl
  for pockets
-gospel related clip art
  with numbers on back
-hot glue gun

In a nutshell:
Cut clipart out.  I did 4" squares. Number clipart on the back.  Cut 3" strips of clear vinyl the width of the posterboard (I got this at Walmart in the fabric dept-super cheap.  Hot glue the bottom and sides of vinyl to the poster.  Place the clipart in the vinyl pockets with the numbers face up.

Play this just like the memory game but with each match they find, sing the song that coordinates to that picture.   You could use any clip art out there. I just happened to have these from an F.H.E kit I did ages ago so I made these work.  Here's what I am doing.

 Nephi- Nephi’s Courage (120-121)

Liahona- Follow the Prophet (110-111)

Daniel-  Faith (96)

Earth- I lived in Heaven (4)

Commandments-  Keep the Commandments (146)

Noah- Do as I’m doing (276)

Tree of Life-  Families can be together forever (188)

Joseph- I am a Child of God (2)

We always seem to have a few more minutes in Sr. Primary.  If that's the case, I will have them also tell how that picture represents "Choosing the Right".

Worked like a charm

What a difference a week, and a little static noise, can make. :)  Like I'd posted previously, two weeks ago we had such a difficult time with reverence during our music time.  I knew that it needed to be addressed the next week.

When I got up to start music time the next week, I played a 20 second clip of static noise quite loud (like the static on the tv) and while doing so I recited the words to the new song we were learning, "As a Child of God".  Definitely got the kid's attention.  The kids just stared at me not knowing what was going on.  After the 20 seconds, I explained to them that we'd learned a beautiful new song the previous week with such a powerful message and yet we missed the message and spirit of the song because of our lack of reverence.

I explained that we live in a world where there's so much noise and so many distractions.  It can be difficult to feel the spirit with all the busyness and noise around us.  What a blessing it is that we can come to church each Sunday and feel the spirit through singing the music.  I know for me personally, it is through music that I can be touched by the spirit the most.  That's probably why I love this calling so much.  I have such a strong testimony of the power of music for good.  I want the kids to understand that. We don't just sing these songs to pass time.  We are learning and growing in the gospel as we sing.  The spirit can bear witness of the truthfulness of the message in the songs.

I think the kids got the point. They were fantastic this last week.  It was such a nice change from the previous week and I slept much better that night because of it. :)