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Friday, January 20, 2012

Birthday Organizer

This post is not music time related (I'll get to that tomorrow) but it is related to my mission to be a better person so I thought I'd share it with you all as well.  

With a busy family life, it seems like there are things that slip my mind every now and again (family member's birthdays).   I made this a little while back but I thought I would share it as it's made my life so much easier...and made me a much better sister, aunt, and daughter because I don't forget the birthdays now.  

I have a large family so it's overwhelming to try and keep track of everyone's special dates and to get the cards in the mail BEFORE the birthdays.  Don't have to keep it all in my brain anymore (because that wasn't working).  Now all I need is my birthday organizer to keep me on track.  I bought an 8x8" album and added a section for each of the months.

In the front cover, there's a pouch to keep stamps and envelopes on hand at all times. In the past, far too many cards have become "belated" birthday cards because I just couldn't ever get to the post office for postage--belated no more! :)

I also listed all of the holidays for the year for quick reference.

My game plan to keep me on top of birthdays...Two Sundays a month I sit down and write my cards for the birthday's that month and then I can tuck them into the sleeve on the right until it's time to stick them in the mail.  I put the birthday in the top right corner where the stamp goes so that I know when I need to get them in the mail to have them delivered on time.  Once I'm ready to send them, I put the stamp on top of the date and send it on its way.

So for anyone who seems to miss birthdays like I did, or for those who can't sleep at night and are looking for something worthwhile to fill those late night hours, this may be the perfect project for you as well. :)