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Saturday, April 28, 2012

"I spy" gospel principles

Where this is a fifth Sunday, I thought it would be fun to wrap up the month by reviewing different ways that "Jesus Christ has taught us to Choose the Right"-which was the theme for April.
I have a hard time throwing the Friend magazines out.  We had years' worth of the magazines stockpiled.  However, we do so much with the Friend online now that it seems pointless to keep the paper copies.  They just collect dust. Last year I decided it was time to get rid of all but the current year's issues but before I did, I took out a ton of the pictures that I thought I could use for something at a later date.  Turns out that this was that perfect "something".

I found several of the pictures that went along with the theme and different ways that we can choose the right.  I numbered the songs 1-8 and then found songs that corresponded with the pictures.  Then I broke out the "I spy" scopes that I made awhile back for a different activity.

Here's how singing time will go down-assuming it will go as planned. :)  I will place the different pictures around the room.  One child will come up and pick a number (1-8) out of a basket or bag.  The pianist will play the song that corresponds with the picture.  I will give her a key beforehand of what each number represents so that she knows what song to play.  The child will have to use his/her "I spy" scope to find the song on the wall.  They can get help if they don't know what it is.

Once they've found the picture, we'll briefly talk about how that picture represents a way that we can choose the right.  Then we will sing that song. Easy Peasy!

Here's the songs I selected...
1- Boy reading Scripture- Search Ponder and Pray-109
2- Boy playing basketball- Jesus said love everyone- 61
3- Gospel Standards- Choose the Right- hymn book-
4- Joseph Smith- Follow the Prophet-
5- temple- I love to see the temple-95
6- Earth- As a child of God
7- Body- The Lord gave me a temple- 153
8- Sunshine-Jesus wants me for a sunbeam-60

Should be a very simple activity but I'm hoping it will wrap up the theme for the month in a way that the kids will understand the principle behind it.  

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