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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Scare" away the scary

Just two weeks of practice left before the Primary program.  I feel like the kids are ready.  They absolutely nailed it two Sundays ago during music time and did so again this Sunday. There were just three little "scary" spots in the entire run through (they actually weren't that scary but it went well with my theme for this last Sunday) so that's what we called them. :)

The kids kept messing up a few words in Choose the Right, not totally confident in the second verse of When I am baptized, and one word they kept getting wrong in another song. All pretty easy fixes.

I brought in a scarecrow and attached three crows to him. I explained to the kids that we needed to scare away the crows.  Each of the crows had the trouble spots listed on the back.  I watched for the kids who were singing extra well and called on them to come up and pic a crow.  Once we polished that particular area, the kids flew the crow away and we moved onto the next crow.


Once we finished up with that song, I taught them a cute little Fall version on Popcorn Popping called "Five Little Pumpkins" that I found here:

I didn't think that Sr. Primary would want to try it out but they were even on board.  I brought in a pumpkin to represent our Pumpkin patch.   Great day and so happy that the kids are doing so fantastic in preparation for the program.  Should be great!

If anyone wants the crow clipart, let me know! :)