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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Song Hospital

I had pinned this idea a while back and figured now was a good time to put it to use as we have a few songs that need to take a trip to the "Song Hospital" for some minor surgery.  

What you will need:
*White Lab Coat, Tongue Depressor, Stethoscope, Otoscope, RX pills

I had to adapt this idea as I only have a child size Dr. coat so I will be utilizing the children a little more than myself for this activity.

To begin, I will explain that we have a few songs that need to make a trip to the Singing Hospital where a doctor will evaluate our songs.  I will choose a child that sang the opening song very well, come up and put on the dr. gear.  I will explain to the dr. that they will be observing our song to see what needs to be done to make our song healthy and well.

Once the doctor is ready for the evaluation, I will explain to the children that there are three things we will be working on that day.

1-  When I hold up the Otoscope (I'm actually just using a little flashlight), they were to open their ears and listen to the words and message of the song.  This is where we will fix any tricky wording spots in the songs.  This will probably be our main focus as it's the second verses in a couple songs that we are still struggling with.

2- Once we've repaired the words, we will move on to the Tongue depressor.  When I hold it up, that is their cue to open their mouths and throat nice and wide to project as much volume and clarity as possible.

3- When I hold up the Stethoscope, that means I want them to feel the song in their hearts.  How does it make them feel?  How does the song make the Dr. feel?

As soon as we begin singing, I will let the dr. walk around the room with her stethoscope for observation out toward the children so that he/she can get a really good listen.  I am assuming that when the dr. is in a particular section, that section will really give it their all.  They love it when someone focuses in on them in particular. 

After we finish the song, the Dr. will give us their professional opinion as to diagnosis and treatment options.  Each time we sing the song, I will call on another child who has been very good about participating to come up and be the dr.

As the dr. is speaking, I will take notes of any parts of songs that still may need some extra attention.

Here's the dr. costume which I just so happen to have on hand from my son's preschool graduation program this year.  It's so cute!

If the kids do a great job with repairing our songs, they will get a little RX pill from the Song Hospital before they are discharged to help keep the injuries from returning. Whatever works, right? :)  
here's the song hospital label I made, if you want to right click and save it to your computer: