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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stand for the Right

 I made this chart this morning.  Apparently I did it way too early and wasn't fully awake yet since I left the last line off...sheesh!  I figure for the last line "Stand for the Right", I will just have the kids stand up for the action.  That way it will seem like it wasn't an accident that the line is missing off the poster. :)

(I did the words as a word bubble coming from President Monson's mouth)

Our Prophet has some words for you,
And these are the words: "Be True".  "Be True".
At work, at play, In darkness or light
Be True, Be True, and Stand for the Right.

If anyone wants the clip art collage I did, just leave a comment and I will send them your way a.s.a.p.  (One of these days I will figure out how to add PDF files on here).

I love it when songs are short and sweet like this!  Everyone enjoy a much easier month of teaching the new song! :)


  1. I do love your ideas. This is the first time I have been the music leader. I would love your stuff. My email address is robbins20@hotmail.com thanks for sharing all your ideas.

    By any chance do you have any ideas for teaching the 13 Articles of Faith. Our Primary President wants them taught and some I am struggling with them, any ideas would be great thanks.

  2. @ Kelli, Thanks. Check your email, I just sent it your way. :)

  3. Love your collage poster. You have such great ideas. Thanks for sharing and helping a not so creative chorister. My email address is ellykmid@gmail.com. I would appreciate a copy of this. Thanks

  4. Hey! Cute poster! I am one of the bloggers on iheartprimarymusic and just barely figured out PDF's and thought I might share... but warning: I am not an expert :)
    Go to www.docs.google.com, sign in, click the upload button (next to red create button), click on files, select your saved filed from your computer, check the box next to convert docs, etc. to google docs format, click save. Then click on that file listed and then copy the url address at the top and paste that as your link address on your post. I'm not sure if that helped or totally confused you.. but I thought I'd try to help! Good luck!

  5. Super cute collage. I would LOVE a copy of the collage.
    Thanks - lovin' your blog.

  6. @ Kelly and Gina, I sent it to your email.

    @ iheartprimary-thank you so much for the info. I knew there was a way as I've seen it on a bunch of other blogs. Just being a little lazy to figure it out. Thanks for figuring it out for me. :)

  7. I love this idea! Thanks for offering to share! I'd love to use the visual's. My email address is Kaeleneusa@aim.com. Thanks again!!

  8. I would love a copy. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'd like a copy too. Thanks! adelariel (at) yahoo dot com.

  10. I would love a copy! brittanyharney@ymail.com - thank you!!!

  11. I would love a copy of this. kristin@mansellrealestate.com

    Thank you so much!!

  12. I would really like a copy of this. It looks amazing! Thanks. stephy.weston@gmail.com

  13. hi. i see this was from a few years back but i would love your clip art if it's still available.

    thank you

  14. Hi! Do you still have the file you could send me? sarah.lanae.cook@gmail.com